Ashley Ephraim began his love for movies and film at a young age. Ashley loves comedies. He pays very close attention to the details and has the ability to communicate with people. 

Ashley loves meeting new people, learning more about them, and helping them get the best out of themselves. He enjoys sports and in his spare time speaks on a political comedy podcast called "Politically Corrected". Ashley believes in BrightCap's ability to become a state of the art movie production studio and production consulting firm.




Dallas has always enjoyed film. His knowledge of filmography and his quick attention to detail allow him to write with precision and skill. Dallas is also a skillful actor and producer. Dallas enjoys martial arts and the occasional cage fight. Dallas believes in giving people the best opportunity to succeed, even if that means risking a chance on someone. He believes in people and they believe in him. Some areas that Dallas is passionate about include, film production, content creation, and film production studio development.





Mason is a writer and director whose passions also are in acting. He has studied the art of Improv and has written multiple projects including the writing and directing of his very own Moon Knight fan film. Mason loves working with people and making folks laugh.  Mason enjoys finding thoughtful and innovative approaches to every script, shot, or edit. While being dedicated to his work, he finds ways to involve as many people in the creative process of a project.